Saturday, April 27, 2013

New blog, same filmmaker!

I was using the service "Posterous" which was a cool thing, partly because you could post by emailing the blog.  But they got bought by Twitter and have disappeared into the twittersverse at this point.  So welcome to the same old new blog.

I spent a couple days shooting for Kevin Richmond a week ago.  The most interesting aspect of this, dramatically, was a day spent shooting a kind of love story.  It's the story of a woman remembering her partner - how they met, how they dated, how they came together.  But only the woman remembered was present.  All of her action was directed to the camera, which was playing the role of the person remembering.  In other words, the entire sequence was POV of the person remembering her.

It felt like my directing background came into play strongly, as the actress and I - as cinematographer - played the scenes in effect.  At one point, as she confesses her love for the first time, I held out my hand to her.  It was not visible in the frame but it was the right gesture for the moment, for her to clasp my hand fervently.  And a great performance by actress Dahlia LeGault.

All in all, a lovely day of shooting.  And I learned something.  As always.